WILLIAM BUNCE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              WORK. ARCHIVE. INFO.



A restrictive colour series

3 colours, 12 tones, 30 objects, 12 photographs

Influenced by the manifesto’s of Andre Breton’s Surrealist automatism and film makers Lars Von trier and Thomas Vinterberg’s
The Dogme 95 ‘Vow of chasity’

“Discipline is the answer… we must put our films into uniform”.
-Von Trier/Vinterberg

Restrictions were imposed upon the series; each set was prescribed the use of 4 paint tones within a colour, based on the 3 main time lapses of a day - morning, noon and night.
30 objects only and 12 compositions to form.
Painting, re-painting, painting - automatic thinking without logic or narrative - allowing the unconscious mind to have greater sway.
Evolving each element to create a new shape, a fresh landscape - a different language within each set.

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